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 ...About our Instructor, Judy Young

"I give YOU an A+" ... Chris C.

"I think I'm more prepared for the exam now than I was for my previous exam.  You are a great instructor." ...Gayle P.

"I would recommend you to anyone struggling with the material.  You provide a different prespective and approach."  ...Pamela F.

"Judy is the BEST! Thank you for all your help"...Melissa P.

"Judy's teaching was clear and precise, materials were very nicely presented." ...Danielle F.

"I don't know of anyone who teaches a class this informational.   Kay B.

"You offer a different representation than traditional classroom presentation of concepts." Chris D.

"Your ability to explain the forms in layman's terms while keeping the required verbage is truly a gift not all presenters have."  Kristal B.

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...About our Courses

"I've been at this for 4 years and in this class I learned new things.  It was presented in a way for me to easily remember.  Thank you for helping me achieve my goal."  ...Kay W.

"This class was exactly what I was hoping for.  It clears up a lot of missed information from other classes I've taken."  ...Kay B

"This is the best money I've spent thus far!" . Tammy J.

"This class was much more than I expected.  I recommend this class because of the material presented.  The class certainly justifies the price."...Betty W.

"This course really cleared up all the gray areas of documents." ...Annette D.

About Master the Scenarios: 

"This class taught me the forms I needed that wasn't in the Study Guide. I feel more prepared for the exam after taking this class." ...Carolyn R.

"This gave me a better understanding of the scenarios"...Danielle C.

"This class was so informative, great examples, great scenarios, easy to follow and good discussions."  Amy C.


 ...About our Instructor, Randall David

"Randy is very knowledgable.  He kept my attention and refreshed my memory of many things.  I really enjoyed this workshop."  J. Doucett

 "The resource material was neat and in excellent order. Every one of my questions was dealt with thoroughly.  This is valuable iniformation all notaries need to know". ...D. McCain

"Randy's presentation of the material was excellent.  His knowledge and passion is very evident.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class."  ...J. bostick

"Randall is very knowledgable about what he is presenting and how he presents it."  ...RDW

"I would absolutely recommend this course to my collegues.  I found the presenter to be very knowledgable about most all aspects of what is involved in being a Notary Public."  ...Pat D.

"I wish Randall could be my Mentor.  He has so many insights."  ...J. W.

"I loved New Notary Workshop!  Thank You!"   ...W. Hollis

"This Workshop is very informative.  Randall made a point of stressing many important points which I appreciated."  ...B DeMette


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