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 Meet our Instructors Minimize

Our instructors have proven success and are leaders in their field and their classes have stood the test.  Also, be sure to visit "What students are saying about..." our classes.

 Our Teaching Philosophy Minimize

Teaching is an Art.  Our Instructors understand the importance of visuals, diagrams, common terms, and examples, making learning exciting and easy to remember!

Have you attended class only to find the instructor couldn't "teach"?

Our Instructors have proven their ability to teach with great examples, utilizing proven new understandings about learning, and students that report their instructors expertise!

Have you attended class only to find that the instructor was not familiar with the material?

Our instructors have "life learning." They've done the work they teach. They've "been there, done that!". They not only understand the concepts, but put them into practice.

 Ever struggle with a concept that is vague, trying to understand but unfamiliar with the terms and vocabulary?

Our Instructors can break down difficult concepts into simple, every-day terms, using examples students can grasp, and that translates into great application of the concepts.

 Notary Ace Instructor, Judy Young Minimize

Judy Young continues to promote excellence in the Notary Profession by her dedication to ever increasing the educational opportunities for the Louisiana Notary across the state. Having served as the founding President of the Louisiana Notary Association (LNA) and as a Director of the association for over 15 years, she has contributed much to the enrichment of office of Notary Public. 

She was commissioned as a Civil Law Notary in 1989 and opened “Notary at Large”, a successful full-service Notarial Office that same year.   She also operates a public tag office of “Instant Title and License” at 8211 Goodwood Blvd, Suite F, Baton Rouge, La.   2008 celebrates her 20th year of service.  She received her Paralegal Certification from La. State University in 1992 and continues to remain active in that community.

In coordination with the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles, Ms. Young  developed and presented first “Successful Vehicle Transfers” to over 300 notaries the first year.  That program is still among the most popular seminars offered by the LNA.  She has instructed the Notary Preparatory Class for a local community college for several semesters, and had developed and instructed courses for the practicing Notary.  She continues to be a premier instructor for many other classes for the experienced and the novice Notary Public. 

She served as a part of an advisor group to the Secretary of State on the Notary Examination.  She understands the educational challenges facing students and Notaries alike today, and continues her own education through involvement in the all aspects of the Office of Notary Public. Already a 20-year Notary Public, she sat for the new Notary Public exam and obtained  her State-Wide commission in June, 2008, thereby proving again she is eminently qualified to instruct the basic and advanced preparatory courses. 

Ms. Young has been an advocate for the Notaries in the State, having frequently testified before Senate and House committees on issues concerning Notaries.   

Today, she continues to develop educational seminars designed to update, and enhance the knowledge and proficiency of the office of the Civil Law Notary Public. Ms. Young is also a proud grandmother of three grandsons and two granddaughters who fondly call her Ami.  We fondly call her our most vibrant and energetic instructor!

 Notary Ace Instructor, Randall J. David Minimize

 Randall J. David

Having been commissioned as a Louisiana Notary in 2000 in St. Landry Parish, Randall has enriched the Notary profession most recently by traveling the state, offering notaries an opportunity to network with each other, and setting up avenues to education.  In keeping with the needs of those notaries, he has developed several courses to support notaries in their practice.

He has also served as President of the Louisiana Notary Association, from 2002 to 2007, and was again chosen by his colleagues  to lead that organization in 2009.  His educational studies were with the University of Southwestern Louisiana, at T. H. Harris Technical College where he completed a two-year course in Graphics and at S.W. Louisiana Technical College, completing a two-year course in CAD. 

Having completed his course work, he is an accomplished Parliamentarian through the National Association of Parliamentarians.  He is currently progressing in a certification program with the International Right of Way Association. 
Randall has held the position of System Engineering Services Coordinator with Lafayette Consolidated Government in the Utilities Department for the past 30 years. His department is responsible for the Right of Way Section and the Paralegal activities of the utilities department. His duties bring into play his Notarial expertise in the field of Real Estate and he directs a number of notaries in his department.
He has developed a number of courses for the instruction of Notaries in their practice, among them the New Notary Workshop.   He has conducted monthly shop talks in the Lafayette area with various topics of Notarial interest.
Outside of his professional work life, Randy has two passions in which he excells: Cooking and Dogs--Dachshunds. His goal after retiring in a little over 2 years is to enroll in Culinary School. He enjoys developing and creating new and exciting recipes and loves all the equipment.
The enhancement of the Dachshund breed keeps him very busy, and he is an accomplished and sought after judge at many dog shows across the country. He raises, evaluates, trains, breeds and shows dogs in conformation and performance events. He is an AKC Performance Judge for Dachshund Field Trials.  He is a regular article contributor to AKC and the Dachshund Club of America. He uses all of the skills developed over the past 30 years, including cooking, to assist many of the dog clubs not only in Louisiana, but other states as well. His Notary and Parliamentary services have proven invaluable to many of the dog clubs as well!
We welcome him to our line-up of successful educators.

 What students are saying Minimize

about Judy Young

"Your ability to explain the forms in layman's terms while keeping the required verbage is truly a gift not all presenters have."  Kristal B.

"Thank you for everything.  I have really enjoyed learning from you and hope to further learn from your classes in the future" ...Erin C

"I give YOU an A+" ... Chris C.

"I think I'm more prepared for the exam now than I was for my previous exam.  You are a great instructor." ...Gayle P.

"I would recommend you to anyone struggling with the material.  You provide a different prespective and approach."  ...Pamela F.

"Judy is the BEST! Thank you for all your help"...Melissa P.

"Judy's teaching was clear and precise, materials were very nicely presented." ...Danielle F.

"I don't know of anyone who teaches a class this informational.   Kay B.

"You offer a different representation than traditional classroom presentation of concepts." Chris D.




 What students are saying Minimize

about Randall J. David

"Randy is very knowledgable.  He kept my attention and refreshed my memory of many things.  I really enjoyed this workshop."  J. Doucett

"The resource material was neat and in excellent order. Every one of my questions was dealt with thoroughly.  This is valuable iniformation all notaries need to know". ...D. McCain

"Randy's presentation of the material was excellent.  His knowledge and passion is very evident.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class."  ...J. bostick

"Randall is very knowledgable about what he is presenting and how he presents it."  ...RDW

"I would absolutely recommend this course to my collegues.  I found the presenter to be very knowledgable about most all aspects of what is involved in being a Notary Public."  ...Pat D.

"I wish Randall could be my Mentor.  He has so many insights."  ...J. W.

"I loved New Notary Workshop!  Thank You!"   ...W. Hollis

"This Workshop is very informative.  Randall made a point of stressing many important points which I appreciated."  ...B DeMette



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