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I recently signed-up for the Notary Ace course (fantastic lesson plans, by the way), but I have a question. When I signed up for this course, my intention was to re-take the Scenario portion of the exam in June, but due to some workload changes at my job I’m considering delaying until December. Unfortunately, I’ve been working late hours which is not allowing me much study time, and I don’t foresee any relief in the next few months. And to make matters worse, I’ve put getting my commission as one of my goals at work (impacts salary for 2011).
So to my question; the FAQ tab states there is a discount for a retake course of Master the Scenarios – would you share the cost with me in advance? I will continue to work through the program in the next 3 months, but it would give me some peace of mind to know that I can continue to prepare until year end if I know that I can afford the additional course.

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