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Notary Ace offers an outstanding variety of specialty trademarked courses to increase Notarial Knowledge, Skill, and Competency building Confidence and Proficiency in the Notary Public.

  Our Students Ace the Notary Exam.  Our Notaries excel in their Notarial Practice.

 Our course pricing offers incredible value.  We pride ourselves in our extensive coverage of each topic, and our innovative teaching techniques. 

Learning's never been this easy!

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Master the Scenarios

  1. Real Estate Transfers,
  2. Mortgage, Liens & Privileges,
  3. Business, Trusts, Suretyship & Mandates,
  4. Personal & Family Matters,
  5. The Grand Finale Scenario.

1001 Questions

A super compliment component to  the Master the Scenarios series.  Designed to help the student ACE the Multiple Choice and Research componets of the Notary Exam.  Get a discount --- order both and SAVE.

Practical Tools for the Notary  

For the novice and the Notary wanting to get started in Business.  A complete discussion of the tools that compliment a successful Notary practice, review and download common forms. 

New Notary Workshop

Help for the new or beginning notary with topics like technology, web help, and a discussion of Title 35.  


  • How to Create Flawless Wills & Testaments
  • Vehicle Transfers Made Easy
  • 1001 Questions  (for the Notary Student)
  • Complex Vehicle Transfers Made Easy
  • Execute Flawless Wills and Testaments
  • Put Power in Your POA/Mandates
  • Understanding Servitudes - Creating Documents
  • Creating For-Profit Corporations
  • Creating Non-Profit Corporations
  • Construction Contracts, liens & Releases
  • MINI Courses


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Premier Education for the Experienced and Novice Notary Public and Students preparing to sit for the Louisiana Civil Law Notary Exam. 

LEARN using recognized new techniques that take legal concepts and reduce them to real-life transactions.

LEARN using diagrams and teaching strategies for easy understanding and higher recall.

LEARN from the proven experience of exemplary instructors qualified and dedicated in their field.

LEARN by making your "classroom" time productive with periodic reviews, powerful search tools, glossary of terms, and every-day examples of the topics.

LEARN on your schedule and at your pace!

AND our courses, instructors and dates are NEVER subject to change!

You select your Course Topic and your Instructor meets you right on your desk top, the ultimate classroom!

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Master the Scenarios  

              Especially designed for the Student preparing to sit for the Louisiana Notary Exam who has the basics and needs additional instruction on practical application of the concepts.  Learn  in our course that concentrates on the "critical thinking" scenarios, the strategies to expertly craft your test response by applying your knowledge from your increased understanding of the documents and their components.  You will achieve added confidence to this portion of the Louisiana State Notary Exam.  This course is based on actual "Tried and True" courses offered to students in a LIVE setting.  Results were spectacular!  

Our students doubled their odds of passing tf thier exam.  Class begins when you sign up and closes the day of the exam.

See what our Students are saying about this course. 

 REGISTER NOW and Master the Scenarios!

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1001 Questions

A great companion course to Master the Scenarios, 1001 Questions complete the study for the Notarial Exam student.   When used in conjuction with the official Study Guide from the Secretary of State's office, these intensive multiple choice questions (just like those on your exam) covers each chapter of the Study Guide.   Discover which chapters need more study as the questions test you on the chapter's vital information.  Additional questions give you practice working with the Civil Code to aid with the Research Questions component of the Exam.  Take alone or with Master the Scenarios and receive a discount on both.  Class begins when you sign up and closes the day after the exam.

Together with Master the Scenarios, you'll be prepared to ACE the Notary Exam and begin your own Notarial Practice!

 $250  less membership disc.   1/2 price if purchased with Master the Scenarios      Learn more....




 Practical Tools for the Notary

So you're starting your notary practice? This course is a great introduction not only to preparing those common documents, but setting up your office, developing good business habits, protecting yourself against fraud and good sound record keeping. Topics also include file setup, tricks, tips and FORMS!  Begin your Forms Library with this course

    REGISTRATION OPEN!  Start your Good Business Habits TODAY!


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This course is for the newly commissioned notary or the notary who has not been active in the past. You will gain the knowledge to be self-assured in your ability to properly fulfill the needs of your client.   Remove the frustration and guess work  out of technology.  With his must-have reference material and online research techniques, you'll be proficient today!  And he also includes a review of the special equipment to make your job easier--a bonus for the mobile notary.  You won't find this kind of information anywhere else! 

   $159 less membership discount      Learn More...



The Small Succession

Changes in the law effective  Jan. 1, significantly increase the duties, powers, and influence of the practicing Notary Public.  Get ALL the info to this great sourse of income. A quick 2-hr MINI Class! 

For Members only. $45.00

How to Execute Flawless Wills & Testaments

 Add this profitable, rewarding service to your repertoire with skill and confidence in this 30 hour, intensive course. Gain an in-depth understanding of the process of succession and probate. Become an expert with the technical issues of document drafting as well as the successful client interview techniques to produce the best final product. Confidence shows when you know your product. This course pays for itself quickly!




Put POWER in Your POA/Mandates

 Getting all the POWER into our POA/Mandates without compromising our Client occurs in our document clauses.  Review the types of Mandates, the clauses pertinent to each, the variations to suit the situation, and the POWER clauses.  Get up-to-date on the changes, and

      Learn the remedies the when  

The Mandate is no longer necessary,

  • A recipient wants the original,
  • A recipient wants proof that the Mandate is valid,
  • The Mandatary is temporarily or permanently unable to act,
  • A Principal or Mandatary is uncooperative, 
  • A Mandatary is acting outside their Power, 
  • The Principal or Mandatary want to quit!

 For the Novice and the Professional alike.

  We all have the ability.  Some of us have the POWER!  



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