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Practical Tools for the Notary

Instructor, Judy Young

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Practical Tools for the Notary


is an 8 hour class designed to take the Beginning Notary and give them the Tools to gain experience, confidence and knowledge to become the Professional  Notary .   While protecting the Notary against fraud through their use of the Tools, the notary feels assured.  Having the basic forms most commonly used at our fingertips, we will become efficient in their preparation.  Lastly, this course incorporates the 10 successful tips for business success...the greatest Tool of all. A great combination with our New Notary Workshop Course.  And don't forget--PRINTABLE FORMS!  Begin your Forms Library Today!

Eight hours from Beginning to Professional to Successful!

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Practical Tools for the Notary

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 So you're starting your notary business? This course is a great introduction to setting up your practice, developing good business habits to protect yourself and preparing those common documents AND you start your forms library with the most common forms for those transactions you are most likely to encounter!

We begin our class by assembling our bank of Resources...Where to go to find Whats!...on the web and in print, they are now at our fingertips.

We look closely at what habits to develop that protect you from fraud, how to "trademark" your documents to spotlight forgeries, what prices can you charge, what supplies are necessary and what supplies make your job easier and your time more productive, and address good record keeping methods, the pro and cons, and chose a method acceptable today as well as with a view to the future.

We focus on the most common of transactions, review those forms to accomplish the task, and begin our inventory of those common forms to facilitate our delivery of our product, and assure our clients of our professionalism. 

We look at want it takes to Get the Signature...capacity, protocol, difficulties, and aids.

AND PRINTABLE FORMS for the most common transactions you will encounter!

Most valuable of all, 10 tips for success that keeps our clients returning because

WE   are   THEIR     Notary Public.

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 This 8- hour course is a great introduction to setting up your practice, developing good business habits to protect yourself and preparing those common documents. Topics also include file setup, tricks, tips and FORMS!

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