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 Master the Scenarios

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Master the Scenarios is designed as a  45 hour course, divided into 4 Classes and ending with the 5th and final Grand Finale Scenarios. Each Part must be completed before moving to the next Part., each building on the previous section.  Access to the Course is open to you until the next Testing date, which gives you ample time to complete the material and the tasks assigned.

Each Scenario applies the information given in that Part or section.  Your "menu board" guides you through your class; there you access the class, the forms covered in that Part,  the scenarios,and the completed documents of the scenarios.  Your instructor meets you on the "discussion" page of each scenario, and at the end of each Part.   

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Master the Scenarios



Master the Scenarios

Increase your knowledge of the concepts and applying the concepts to practical application is the focus of this course.   This class will concentrate primarily all on the documents pertaining to concepts not cover in the Study Guide.




Become familiar with all the different clauses that make up our documents, how to apply them to different situations.  Therefore, we will began this course are looking at the various documents and what each contains, what each form requires in the way of clauses, so we will know which is the most appropriate to use in each situation.  Then, we will work with a number of “what if’s”.    We will cover enough of the different types of situations you might encounter in a notary office.  Pair that with our study of the various clauses in documents and techniques of instant re-call, you will successfully master the critical information needed for the scenario portion of the notary exam.



The Master the Scenarios course is made up of 5 parts, each part with a general discussion of the components of the different types of documents and scenarios to compliment the topics.


Part 1:  Real Estate Transactions discuss the various property conveyance documents with emphasis on the Property Description.


Part 2:  Mortgages, Liens & Privileges covers the encumbrances we place on property, and the pertinent clauses to create our liens.  We cover the Notes, the various Mortgages, with emphasis on executory process.


Part 3:   Business, Trusts, Suretyship & Mandates discusses the 4 types of business organizations, Living Trusts and the 5 types of Power of Attorney/Mandates. 


Part 4:  Personal & Family Matters addresses the individual and family needs from our notary practice.  Not only the documents surrounding the birth, the parenting, the children, marriages, but also the end of life documents of testaments and successions.  This section also covers our motor vehicle transfers and registrations.


Part 5:  The Grand Finale' takes the top off  the scenarios.  Our "visitors" bring us their needs, difficulties and concerns.  We incorporate all the knowledge and expertise acquired in Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 and prepare our documents according to their real-life situations.


Master the Scenarios $400.00,      WITH MEMBERSHIP  $375.00      

A 45-hour course designed for the Student who has the basics and needs additional instruction on Practical Application.  This course will help you achieve the understanding and confidence to Master the Scenario portion of the State Notary Public Exam.  This course is based on an actual "Tried and True" course offered to students in a live setting.  Results were spectacular.  Pass rates continue to increase over the state's average!             See what our Students are saying about this course.  

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