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1001 Questions

Your Companion to the Official La Study Guide...

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1001 Questions is designed as a  32 hour course, divided into chapters that coinside with the chapters of the official La Study Guide.   Access to the Course is open to you at time of signing up until the next Testing date.

You access the class, chose your Chapter, or Terms  component.  Your instructor is available all during the course for questions and guidance. 

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Studying and Knowing the information in the official La Study Guide are two different things.  By testing yourself chapter by chapter, you'll progress from studying to Knowing the information.

Using the same testing method of the Notarial Exam, 1001 Questions uses a Multiple Choice format.  In working with the multiple choice questions, you'll be able to determine what information you have not assemiliated when studying the chapter and with this information, you can easily complete your Knowledge of the chapters.

Practice makes perfect and practice is basic to this course. 



1001 Questions $300.00,      WITH MEMBERSHIP  $275.00      

A 32-hour course designed for the Student who needs addition help and focus on the chapters of the official Louisiana Study Guide.  The course uses the same multiple choice format as the Exam and enables the student to discover and "learn" segments of the course through the questions offered.   

And as a special, add this class to your Master the Scenarios purchase and this class is discounted to $150.00 !!!  Don't miss out.  Ace both components of the Notarial Exam!!      

To purchase this class and obtain your discounted price, you must 1-register then be a 2-member...      AS EASY AS 1...2...AND   3.   Purchase NOW for 1001 Questions !

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